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Able Australia
Senses Australia :
Australian Federation of Disability Organisations

Royal Institute for Deaf and Blind Children (NSW)

DeafBlind Telecomunications

DeafBlind Information

VI Family Network
Australian Childhood Vision Impairment Register

Deaf Australia

Deafness Forum of Australia

Australian Blindness Forum

DeafBlind Victoria

DeafBlind Association of NSW

Forsight Foundation for the DeafBlind
CHARGE Syndrome Assocation of Australiasia

Vision Australia
Perkins School for the Blind

Aurora School 

Narbethong State Special School

National Disability Services
The Deaf Society of NSW

Disabilities Info Centre QLD

DeafBlind International - The Magic of Dialogue

Scope - Solutions to Inclusion Conference March 2011 

World Federation of Deafblind

DeafBlind International

Sense UK

DeafBlind Perspectives
Texas DeafBlind Project